I offer great value for my experience and can apply my skills to a huge range of projects, and I can quote per project or per hour. You can reach me at

What I Can Do

Here’s just a few of the things I’m capable of:

  • WP (WordPress) Theme Development
  • WP Premium Theme Setup & Modification
  • WP Plugin Modification
  • Responsive & Mobile Sites
  • Support, covering many technical areas

I am very comfortable with PHP and am always interested in learning new skills if required (e.g., new programming languages, frameworks, CMS’s, etc.).

Beyond just building sites, I also offer well-researched advice on development, UI (user interface) and UX (user interaction).

What I Offer

Here are a just few things I offer when you work with me.

Fast Speed

I’ve very good at what I do, and work quickly – so turnarounds are fast.

Quality & Diligence

My code is clean and clear, so building on it is easy.

SEO Awareness

My builds are SEO-friendly, and I can carry over existing SEO data to redesigned sites (including 301s).

Build Report

If there’s anything you should be aware of (missing content, suggestions for improvement, etc.), I’ll include it in a build report.