Essential Plugins: Admin – Editing

This is the third part of a series of posts on essential WordPress plugins.

The last post dealt with plugin which could help make your commercial website development faster, easier and cleaner. Today’s post covers plugins which will speed up and improve  the editing part of building or maintaining a website.

These plugins aren’t just for your client – they’re great for you too!

Admin Quick Jump

A huge time saver, Admin Quick Jump adds a box above the Publish button allowing you to quickly move to another page (or post of the same post type) for editing. There are other similar plugins, but this one is the least obtrusive.

Display Kitchen Sink by Default in Visual Editor

It seems almost silly that half of the buttons in the visual editor toolbar are hidden by default, but this plugin gets around that quirk. With it installed, the “kitchen sink” – the second row of editor buttons- will be shown right away for all users.

TinyMCE Advanced

The visual toolbar has so much more to offer, but most of the buttons are not available by default. TinyMCE Advanced has been giving developers and website users access to all the otherwise hidden features of the editor, including a familiar-looking toolbar which offers every button option, with an incredibly useful text label indicating the purpose of a button. It certainly makes adding links easier – who would know otherwise that the icon that looks like a paperclip creates links!

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