Skillz School/24 Coaching: Design & Development

The brief: Design a modern, responsive version of a site another site, with a custom course booking feature.

This site was to be designed & built using the general layout of another site, but updated with a modern design.

I used my own starter theme and designed the site from scratch, using only the logo as a basis for the work.

The site features a custom booking system, which is handled by a combination of plugins (so that they’re easy to edit) and some custom jQuery.

The best part of this build was the high quality photos of kids having lots of fun! I used them as banners for each page, which makes the site feel very personal and friendly.

The most interesting bit on the site is the menu icons, which slide in on hover.

A second site was designed and built using this one as a template. There are less features, but it has a more mature colour theme, and a modern, horizontal menu. You can check it out here: