Site Theme

The theme this site uses is intended to be a starter theme for commercial website builds. It’s lean, clear, and easy for new developers to grasp.

You can download a special public variation of it below. It works out of the box, since it has extra support for users who don’t customise their menus or widgets, and has lots of extra comments showing how the theme works.


Uses Bootstrap

Quick to learn, easy to use, and supports IE8. The theme adds a few new Bootstrap-style classes for better responsive text alignment too.

Easy to Build On

Conditional tags are used with partial files, so adding new sections is quick and easy. See how H1s are handled here.

Common Sections

The theme has areas for lots of commonly-used sections, including CTAs and three footers!


You can use widgets almost anywhere. This makes website updates much quicker, and means clients are able to content-manage more of their site.

Grid Control

Install the wonderful plugin Widget Classes and use Bootstrap grid classes on widgets to get responsiveness working fast.

Bright, Bold Colours

You’re unlikely to forget to style a link when it’s bright blue and orange!


I recommend using either Custom Sidebars or Widget Logic to conditionally show/hide the various widgets. This is how my blog pages show a unique sidebar, and the personal pages show my name in the header.

There’s an incomplete todo list and changelog available here, and a page showing how various HTML elements look with this theme here.

You can download test data here. This can be imported into WordPress (via Tools > Import), and means you don’t need to add dummy pages to test the theme. This is the same data WordPress uses to test uploaded themes.

Download Muffin (Strawberry Muffin Edition) v1.5 (Early release – see changelog)