This theme is updated very often, but there’s still a bunch of stuff to do. Here’s a changelog, and an incomplete todo list.


1.5 (in development)

  • Theme options (in progress)
  • Menu classes plugin (preview only – non-functional, will be developed separately)
  • Re-structured CSS (essential fixes)
  • Various renamed/re-formatted template files


  • Fixed pagination
  • Fixed menu widget in headerbar
  • Split navigation CSS between main stylesheet and ‘basic.css’
  • Retina support for featured images


  • Custom widgets! (Jumbotron, CTAs)
  • Added favicon


  • Support for empty widget areas (hero and third footer)
  • Custom search form with Bootstrap classes
  • Improved naming of section files (e.g., ‘header-elements’)
  • Better comments throughout


  • Support for empty featured images
  • Support for default menus

High priority:

  • Better CSS for comments
  • Support for author bios

Low priority:

  • Theme Options
  • Favicon – Full support (leave for plugin?) (multiple sizes)
  • Widget Containers & Classes – Make consistent
  • Custom Post Types – Write a starter template
  • Loop – Re-format and re-fragment (for better child theme file overwrites)
  • WP Captions & Content Alignment – Make responsive
  • Default Widgets – Build in CSS
  • Enqueued Scripts & Styles -Add version numbers
  • Empty Widget Areas – Improve/ensure support
  • Jumbotron & Page Headings – Add better support
  • Slick Carousel – Test for/build in support
  • Woocommerce – Improve compatibility
  • jQuery-UI – Add better support (or at least test compatibility)
  • Headerbar Widgets – Add full support
  • Fix editor-styles to better match theme styles
  • Remove extra stylesheets – merge required css into main stylesheet, drop the rest (personal version, not applicable to early release)
  • Add/test support for responsive alignments, especially for images
  • Add required stuff to theme header in style.css
  • Wide page template (would rather have this handled with ACF)